Planetary Justice
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Jeremy Bendik-Keymer (Case Western Reserve University)
  • Ben Mylius (Columbia University)
  • Sebastian Östlund (Umeå University)
  • Charlotte Vyt (University of Namur)

Contact information:

Community focus and purpose: 

A community committed to imaginativeness, inclusiveness and epistemic pluralism in wide-ranging conversations about how to understand and advocate for “planetary justice.”

Types of events planned:

Because of our commitment to epistemic pluralism and epistemic justice, we offer presenters the space to present whatever sort of work they’d like, in whatever form they’d like.

• You might like to present a story from your life, tell us about a powerful experience, offer us two ideas you feel are connected but haven’t been able to consciously articulate a connection between or tell us about a thinker you’ve been puzzling over but haven’t finished reading; etc.
• If you’d like a more “conventional” workshop experience, you’re welcome to convene that too.

We will hold monthly meetings.

How to join this virtual community:

If you are already a regular or VC member of WPSA, login here: [].

If you are not yet a member of WPSA, you can join as a regular or VC member at

Regular WPSA membership dues include participation in the Virtual Communities program along with discounted registration fees to WPSA’s in-person conference, subscriptions to its two journals, and eligibility to participate in all other WPSA activities. For scholars and students who are interested in participating only in the Virtual Communities, WPSA offers a limited membership that does not include any other benefits. We encourage everyone who can to join WPSA as a full member to help sustain the Association.

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