Embodied Social Change
and Healing Justice

Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Shannon Mariotti (Southwestern University)
  • Farah Godrej (UC-Riverside)
  • James Rowe (University of Victoria)

Contact information:


Community focus and purpose: 

Our community will focus on the connections between contemplative practice and political work, exploring the interrelation and interdependence between “inner work” and “outer work,” between meditative practice, for example, and social justice activism. Our community centers around the “healing justice” scholarship and activism, which explores how body work and contemplative practice can be a vital part of surviving in, and working against, the racist, patriarchal and exploitative structures of our world. There will also be considerable room in our community for scholarship that explores the ways in which “mindfulness” discourse has been mobilized to perpetuate dominative systems (in policing, prisons, and corporations for example).

Types of events planned:

Mini-Conference on The Politics of the Mindful Revolution (March 11, 2022)

Panel 1: “Author Meets Critics: Farah Godrej’s Freedom Inside?: Yoga and Meditation in the Carceral State” (time TBD)

  • Farah Godrej, University of California, Riverside
  • Jasmine K. Syedullah, Vassar College
  • Robin Turner, Butler University
  • Anita Chari, University of Oregon

Panel 2: “Author Meets Critics: Rima Vesely-Flad’s Black Buddhists and the Black Radical Tradition: The Practice of Stillness in the Movement for Liberation” (time TBD)

  • Rema Vesely-Flad, Warren Wilson College
  • Toni Pressley-Sanon, Eastern Michigan University
  • Tracey Hucks, Colgate University
  • Zahra Ahmed, Saint Mary’s College

Panel 3: “Author Meets Critics: Sokthan Yeng’s Buddhist Feminism: Transforming Anger Against Patriarchy” (time TBD)

  • Sokthan Yeng, Adelphi University
  • Hsiao-Lan Hu, University of Detroit Mercy
  • Leah Kalmanson, University of North Texas
  • Jason M. Wirth, Seattle University

Panel 4: “The Politics of the Mindful Revolution—Concluding Thoughts and Questions” (time TBD)

  • Farah Godrej, UC Riverside
  • Shannon Mariotti, Southwestern University
  • James Rowe, University of Victoria

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