Critical Whiteness Studies
Virtual Community


Community co-chairs:

  • Mark Brown (California State University, Sacramento)
  • Sahar Razavi (California State University, Sacramento)

Contact information:

Community focus and purpose: 

This virtual community will focus on the politics of white racial identities and related issues in Critical Whiteness Studies. Potential topics include: historical constructions of whiteness; white public opinion and political behavior; conceptions of white privilege and white supremacy; comparative politics of whiteness; intersections of white racial identities with other group identities; representations of white people in popular culture; white antiracism and racial justice activism; antiracist pedagogy and critical whiteness studies in teaching and learning.

Types of events planned:

We will host online meetings to discuss scholarly research, work-in-progress, teaching and pedagogy, current events, and relevant books, articles, films, and other materials. We will use a variety of formats, including formal panels, informal colloquia, author-meets-critics, open discussions, social hours, and so on. Our meetings will strive to be inclusive, accessible, supportive, lively, and enjoyable for all participants.

How to join this virtual community:

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